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Hydro12 - Taking care of the sea


Hydro12 - Taking care of the sea., 13 November 2012 - 15 November 2012, Rotterdam

Dijk, Thaiënne van
Event: Hydro12 - Taking care of the sea., 13 November 2012 - 15 November 2012, Rotterdam
Description:Taking care of the seas, estuaries, rivers and lakes is impossible without us hydrographers. We need to tell each other and our societies how we can do this in the most efficient way, over and over again. Public visibility is more necessary than ever to secure our profession, and thereby our marine environment
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Dijk, Thaiënne A.G.P. van, ed. (2012) Hydro12 - Taking care of the sea. Hydrographic Society Benelux. ISBN 9789036534703


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